Here’s What Happened When a City Sold Its Pride March to a Fracking Company

On a hot, sunny Sunday in Pittsburgh, several dozen people in bright orange T-shirts that read “WalMart Pride” marched through the downtown streets behind a WalMart-branded 18-wheeler. A handful of rainbow flags waved from the truck’s windows.

“I’m here, I’m queer, I’m your cashier,” read one of the employees’ signs. The driver of the truck honked his horn and waved at the thousands of bystanders gathered for the city’s annual LGBTQ Pride parade.

29 Of The Best Dyke Signs From The Women's Marches

On Saturday, women’s marches around the globe drew more than 2.5 million people. And while they represented issues ranging from LGBT equality to reproductive rights, the environment, racial justice, and health care, queer folks were out in force including a joyful number of dykes.

That word, once used as a slur, has long been reclaimed—much like “queer” and “pussy,” both of which were also on proud display at the marches.

Meet The Gay Man Who Designed Donald Trump's Fifth Avenue Penthouse

President-elect Trump may be notoriously tough to pin down on LGBT equality, but his staff has certainly made its position clear: HUD Secretary Ben Carson has compared homosexuality to bestiality and incest. Health Secretary Tom Price voted for a constitutional ban on marriage equality. And James N. Mattis, Trump’s pick for Defense Secretary General opposed the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

So, it’s ironic that Trump’s beloved Fifth Avenue penthouse, where he’s indicated he wants to spend

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Let's Do More Than Just Say Their Names

With at least 26 murders so far, 2016 is officially the deadliest year on record for America’s transgender community.

The majority of those we lost were trans women of color, a group that faces a greater risk of death by hate violence than any other, according to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs.

On November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance 2016, Logo will share these names on the air throughout the day. Below, we pay respect to these individuals. We celebrate who they were in life, not just death, and acknowledge the loss felt by loved ones.

What Reproductive Rights Activists Can Teach Us About Defending LGBT Equality

Long before the Supreme Court declared marriage equality the law of the land, we knew there would be backlash.

Since then, we’ve seen a barrage of local and state-level attacks on LGBT equality and civil rights in the form of “religious freedom” legislation and anti-trans “bathroom bills.” Overall, our movement has done a great job of mobilizing to combat this type of legislation, but it’s easy to feel like we’re always playing defense. Is there more we could be doing to stop harmful legislation before it passes?

Meet The Incredible Trans Teens Using Selfies To Make The World A Better Place

A brand-new storytelling campaign for transgender youth called TRUTH launched Tuesday (August 4). he national project from the youth leaders at the Transgender Law Center and the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Network consists of three awesome components: short video profiles of young trans people and their families, a storytelling toolkit designed to help you figure out whether you’re ready to share your own stories online, and an Instagram selfie campaign like none other.

This Student Proved You Can Be LGBT And Proud At A Christian College

Twenty-four-year-old Eliel Cruz got kinda famous on the internet earlier this year when his Christian college refused to let him and his friends sell cupcakes for homeless LGBT youth because they said it didn’t sync with the university’s “mission.” It wasn’t the first time that Cruz — who is both Christian and openly bisexual — butted heads with his school over their policies surrounding LGBT issues.

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