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Stockpiles, Self-Reliance, & Survival Skills:€” How Some Women Are Preparing For Our Uncertain Future

Kristen Tyler, a 36-year-old Portland resident who works as the director of recruiting for a software company, has spent the last decade learning how to be an effective prepper. If a major disaster happens — in her city, her country, or the world — Tyler wants to have everything she'd need to survive on her own. Contrary to popular belief, not all preppers are religious folks preparing for an apocalyptic doomsday.

Gun Reform Is Possible —€” If We Learn From The Fight For Gay Marriage & Healthcare

When devastating tragedies like the mass shooting in Las Vegas happen, it's easy to feel powerless. After all, the statistics are grim: The U.S has one of the highest rates of death by guns in the developed world, and we now average more than one mass shooting every day. After every sizable mass shooting, we see a brief period of frenzied public outcry and protest by politicians, but sweeping gun reform efforts never seem to materialize.

Who should be responsible for replacing Pittsburgh’s lead water pipes?

Jude Vachon bought her “sweet little two-bedroom house” in Lawrenceville in 2009. It’s the first place she’s ever owned. Her home, which she shares with her dog Charlie and cat Bedelia (like Amelia Bedelia), used to give Vachon, 52, a sense of security and safety. But after getting a “nerve-racking” letter from the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority [PWSA] about lead, she requested a test kit to check her home’s pipes. Scratching the pipes revealed a soft, dull gray metal.
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High School Athletes Keep Dying From Concussions — So Why Do We Keep Letting Them Play?

Twenty-year-old Jenna Pelly lives a pretty normal life. She’s a junior psychology major from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who has tons of friends, loves international travel and enjoys sneaking home for an occasional weekend of home-cooked meals and chill time with her mom and dad. It’s been a long road to feeling this normal, though; when Jenna was just 11 years old, her 18-year-old brother Eric collapsed at the dinner table and died.
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