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Here’s What Happened When a City Sold Its Pride March to a Fracking Company

On a hot, sunny Sunday in Pittsburgh, several dozen people in bright orange T-shirts that read “WalMart Pride” marched through the downtown streets behind a WalMart-branded 18-wheeler. A handful of rainbow flags waved from the truck’s windows. “I’m here, I’m queer, I’m your cashier,” read one of the employees’ signs. The driver of the truck honked his horn and waved at the thousands of bystanders gathered for the city’s annual LGBTQ Pride parade.

29 Of The Best Dyke Signs From The Women's Marches

On Saturday, women’s marches around the globe drew more than 2.5 million people. And while they represented issues ranging from LGBT equality to reproductive rights, the environment, racial justice, and health care, queer folks were out in force including a joyful number of dykes. That word, once used as a slur, has long been reclaimed—much like “queer” and “pussy,” both of which were also on proud display at the marches.
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