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Stockpiles, Self-Reliance, & Survival Skills:€” How Some Women Are Preparing For Our Uncertain Future

Kristen Tyler, a 36-year-old Portland resident who works as the director of recruiting for a software company, has spent the last decade learning how to be an effective prepper. If a major disaster happens — in her city, her country, or the world — Tyler wants to have everything she'd need to survive on her own. Contrary to popular belief, not all preppers are religious folks preparing for an apocalyptic doomsday.
Women's Health

There's a Drug That Prevents HIV—So Why Don't More Women Know About It?

After Zoey D.* gave birth to two perfect baby girls in June of 2015, her congratulatory friends and family couldn’t stop gushing about what a “miracle” they were—but most of them had no idea how truly miraculous the twins’ perfect health really was. The babies’ father, Aiden*, is HIV positive (a fact that remains unknown to most of the couple's loved ones), but with medication, Zoey was able to remain virus-free and successfully conceive and deliver two perfectly healthy babies with Aiden.

8 Absurd Things American Women Have To Do To Get An Abortion

The hits on reproductive rights keep coming: On Wednesday, the Ohio Legislature passed the strictest abortion law in the country. It bans abortions from the moment a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which usually occurs just six weeks into a pregnancy. (It’s not too late to ask Governor John Kasich veto it, though.) Also this week, the Texas Department of State Health Services just updated the “fact” guide it insists women must before they can terminate a pregnancy. The new version of “A Woman’s Right to Know” links abortion and breast cancer, and makes other spurious claims that have been debunked by multiple studies.

This Contraceptive Delivery Service Is Now Giving Away Free Birth Control—In Donald Trump's Name

Following the election, doctors’ offices saw a surge of women scrambling to secure birth control as they faced an administration that could make access to contraception even more difficult than it already is. But Nurx, a contraceptive home-delivery app that made headlines when it added PrEP to its offerings, is taking a bold stand against the Republican Party’s war on reproductive rights: It’s giving away free birth control in Donald Trump’s name.
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