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8 Absurd Things American Women Have To Do To Get An Abortion

The hits on reproductive rights keep coming: On Wednesday, the Ohio Legislature passed the strictest abortion law in the country. It bans abortions from the moment a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which usually occurs just six weeks into a pregnancy. (It’s not too late to ask Governor John Kasich veto it, though.) Also this week, the Texas Department of State Health Services just updated the “fact” guide it insists women must before they can terminate a pregnancy. The new version of “A Woman’s Right to Know” links abortion and breast cancer, and makes other spurious claims that have been debunked by multiple studies.

This Contraceptive Delivery Service Is Now Giving Away Free Birth Control—In Donald Trump's Name

Following the election, doctors’ offices saw a surge of women scrambling to secure birth control as they faced an administration that could make access to contraception even more difficult than it already is. But Nurx, a contraceptive home-delivery app that made headlines when it added PrEP to its offerings, is taking a bold stand against the Republican Party’s war on reproductive rights: It’s giving away free birth control in Donald Trump’s name.
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There's a Drug That Prevents HIV—So Why Don't More Women Know About It?

After Zoey D.* gave birth to two perfect baby girls in June of 2015, her congratulatory friends and family couldn’t stop gushing about what a “miracle” they were—but most of them had no idea how truly miraculous the twins’ perfect health really was. The babies’ father, Aiden*, is HIV positive (a fact that remains unknown to most of the couple's loved ones), but with medication, Zoey was able to remain virus-free and successfully conceive and deliver two perfectly healthy babies with Aiden.
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Thanks to These Period Panties, You Can Now Bleed All Over Donald Trump's Face

Period panties are having a moment. It’s a well-deserved moment, big enough to make us wonder how the hell it took so long to come up with a concept as simple as underwear that can actually absorb period blood. And now, thanks to some brilliant Etsy crafters, our periods are getting another upgrade: the ability to bleed all over the faces of politicians who are actively working to repress reproductive rights.
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Revenge Porn Almost Ruined Her Life, But Now She's Saying, 'Welcome To Our World, Jerks!'

Did you know it’s perfectly legal in most of the U.S. for someone to post naked pictures of you online against your will? That exact thing happened to AnnMarie Chiarini several years ago. After the pictures were posted online and sent to both her boss and her son’s kindergarten teacher, she was scoffed at by the police. She felt so terrified and ashamed that she tried to end her own life. She survived
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Girls In Africa Desperately Need This Menstrual Cup -- And If You Buy One, They'll Get One

When you buy a pair of Tom’s shoes, they send a pair to a kid in need; when you buy a pair of glasses from Warby Parker or Vision Spring, they do the same with glasses. It’s an awesome business model called “Buy One Give One” that’s been wildly successful. Now, one company based out of Denmark is taking that same business model and applying it to (drum-roll, please…) menstrual cups!
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Not All Oral Is Equal: Why Men Are Still So Terrified of Vaginas

Most of the young women Peggy Orenstein interviewed for her new book Girls & Sex believe giving oral sex to guys without ever receiving it in return is normal. “I began asking the girls I interviewed how they’d feel if a guy kept asking them to get him a glass of water every time they hung out, but never offered to get them one,” says Orenstein. Once she phrased it like that, the girls realized how insulting it was for dudes to take oral without returning the favor.
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