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Here's Why 13 People Are Hanging Off A Bridge In Portland Right Now

At around 3 a.m. Wednesday morning (July 29), 13 Greenpeace activists rappelled from the St. John Bridge in Portland, Oregon. Their mission was to block the passage of a Shell oil icebreaker, which is a ship that’s used as a critical piece of equipment for drilling. The climbers now hang suspended from hammocks and roped together, blocking the ship from returning to the Arctic. These activists are determined to stop companies from drilling in the region, which poses threats to indigenous people and wildlife.
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Human Feces, Garbage And Dead Fish Are Taking Over The 2016 Olympic Waterways

When the AP first conducted tests on the waterways slated to be used for swimming, rowing, canoeing and sailing events in the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, they found concentrated levels of untreated human waste and disease-causing pathogens. Now, in spite of the Brazilian government’s continued promises to clean up their act, further testing has revealed that the extent of the pollution is even worse — like, a lot worse — than experts previously thought.
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We Answered The Question, 'I Feel Guilty About Climate Change, But It's So F--king Hot -- Can I Turn On The AC?'

For the environmentally-conscious among us, the onset of summer can induce panic: “Am I just being a baby, or is it definitely hot enough to warrant turning on the AC?” “My hair is frizzy and I’m constantly drenched in sweat — is four showers a day too many?” “OMFG it’s so hot — MUST I CHOOSE BETWEEN ME OR THE PLANET DYING OF OVERHEATING?”
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Polar Bears Gonna Party Hard Tonight -- Shell Just Announced It Will Stop Drilling In Alaska

Environmental activists have been going HAM trying to stop Shell from drilling in the Arctic for years now. They’ve staged protests, petitioned the President, and enlisted the help of Robert Redford. In July, a group of thirteen Greenpeace activists even dangled off a bridge in Portland for over 24 hours to stop a Shell drilling rig en route to Alaska from leaving the port.
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